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Sunday, 28 October 2012

Free download Windows 8 Trial Version and Windows 8 Professional Full Version

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Looking for Windows 8 pro trial version before purchase your own copy? Here we are...

Your count down has been over.. Microsoft launched Windows 8 recently.
This time this version of Windows is available in $39.99 which will be valid till Jan, 2013. It's really a reasonable price as short usage validity.

As you remember Microsoft offered to release a preview version of Windows 8 instead of full version. Now Windows 8 is available finally.

If you're about to upgrade your operating system to Windows 8 from Windows XP/Vista/7, you should check out it's trial version at least from Microsoft website. Scroll down to bottom of the page at choose your link.

Please Note:Your copy will expire after 90 days and can't be upgraded to full version.

Download Windows 8 Professional Full Version [Cracked] (Torrent) From Here


Tanmoy Das on 28 October 2012 21:38 said...
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usman tariq on 12 February 2014 07:24 said...
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