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Teen Chapter is a one-stop platform for every Teen's Professional Journey.


Our mission is to create and provide the best opportunities and resources for every Teenager. 


Our vision is to be a one-stop destination for every Teens’ Professional Journey


About Us

Teen Chapter is a media platform for teens, by teens. Founded in August 2021, we strive to provide a safe and welcoming online space for teens to learn, grow and connect with like-minded individuals. Our mission is to empower young people with the tools, resources and mentorship they need to reach their goals and build a better future.We offer a range of fellowships, internships and mentorships to help teens find their passions and develop their skills. We also provide resources to support teens in their educational and professional journeys. Join our community today and start your journey to success.

Group of Friends


Teen Chapter has a strong media vertical through which we provide a platform for Teen Startups, Teen Entrepreneurs, and other Teens with unconventional stories to get featured in the form of blogs and podcasts.


Teen Chapter offers one-of-a-kind programs suitable for every teen. Right from experiential learning programs on  Entrepreneurship to academic fellowships, to learning how to become a creator online as a teen to guaranteed internships program, we offer it all. 


Teen Chapter has a community on Discord where we share daily internship opportunities, meet once a week and conduct a talk once in two weeks. We are a vibrant, youthful and a chill community where every teen can come and engage in conversations they are passionate about. 

Consulting & MENTORSHIPS

Teen Chapter offers consulting sessions and mentorships to aspiring Teen Founders and budding Entrepreneurs. We also mentor students applying to colleges abroad. We offer a special program called GUIDE where we take students from creating a LinkedIn Profile to ultimately landing an internship. 

Join our Community!
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