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Researcher: Researchers in our organization will be given a template or a form which they need to work on every week and submit a day before the weekly meeting to the Research Team Lead. The template consists of some questions related to  various organizations.

Legal Research and Writing

Outreach Ambassador: Outreach team will be receiving the finished template by the Research Team. They have to get in touch with the organizations researchers have submitted and also must get in touch with various startups for further collaborations. 

Talking in Headset

HR Intern:  Responsible for recruiting team members. Main tasks include advertising about open positions available, getting in touch with them, interviewing and closing positions. They report to HR Lead regularly. 


Content Writers: Writers are responsible for writing articles on various organizations which the Co-founders have interviewed and also must write on other organizations which outreach team had been in conversation with. 

Writing on a Notebook

Graphic Designers:  Graphic Designers are responsible for making posters and content on Instagram. They should closely work with the Co-Founders and know about upcoming organizations interviews and partnerships and create posters when needed.


Influencer: Influencers will be part of social media team where they will making reels and  shorts for the Channel. They will be featured on our socials and will be called as Influencers of Teen Chapter.

Video Blogger