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Networking and LinkedIn Workshop

Teen Chapter organized a Networking and LinkedIn Workshop for TC's Community in collaboration with The Project EIFL. Tarun Masapeta, the Founder of Project EIFL ( Educate India Financially) gave the community amazing insights on topics ranging from Introduction to Networking to How to Get Started on LinkedIn to Optimizing one's LinkedIn Profile and finally ending the amazing workshop by explaining to the community on how to find opportunities a s teenager.


Getting Into Stanford and financial Literacy

Amrita Hosseini is the founder of EmpowerEcon, an organization which hosts virtual financial literacy campaigns for teens. She envisions a future where every student is offered a one-semester personal finance course. Armita hosted a Financial Literacy session where she covered everything related to Personal Financing, Student loans and much much more. She is also an Incoming Freshman at Stanford and gave the audience insights on getting to Stanford and other Ivy League Universities.


Global Entrepreneurship Conference 2022

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